The best talent produces the best results

For most select-service hotels, staffing a property-specific sales leader is not a brand requirement. However an effective, focused sales effort is still vital, and acquiring the best sales talent is key to producing the best sales results. Channel Point Hospitality has invested in a team of seasoned professionals who provide direct and indirect sales activities on a local, regional and national level, including experts in supporting new openings to reduce ramp time to performance stabilization.

Our services focus on the following:

  • Outreach to negotiated corporate accounts; submit RFPs to introduce the hotel
  • Pursue group business, including SMERF (social, military, educational, religious and fraternal) opportunities
  • Tradeshow representation on behalf of all hotels
  • Regular sales process training
  • Work closely with brand leaders to obtain maximum results with all brand resources
  • Coordinate the development of collateral marketing materials

Call or write us anytime to discuss your hotel. We’ll be happy to share our experiences and discuss the possibility of further Channel Point involvement.